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#7-virtual memory paging

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Previous article onwards we are walking in the path to execute a program in user mode. Welcome back to the 7th part of my OS developing article series. In this article, I will explain to you about virtual Memory and Paging.

“Virtual memory” is…

#6-User modes

Hello and welcome back to the sixth part of my OS developing article series. In this article, I will explain how we can execute a simple user program with our operating system. we will start by getting familiar with the user mode.

User Mode

Typically, a kernel is not supposed…


Welcome back to my fourth article on operating system implementation. In my last article, I discussed how to display text on the console as well as writing data to the serial port. In this article, we are going to learn about Segmentation.

dIn this week we are going to…


Welcome back to the 3rd stage of my Operating system article series. In this article, I will discuss how to design Drivers for our operating system which function as a layer between the Kernel and the Hardware.

With this chapter will demonstrate how to show text on the console…

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Every business uses software to manage business processes, communicate with employees, customers, and vendors, and for myriad other purposes. In most instances, software products require activating licenses or agreeing to terms and conditions before programs can be downloaded, installed, or accessed.

What is Software Licensing?

A Software license is a document that…

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In today’s article, we are going to discuss a very crucial fact that is highly affected by this behavior. Why some apps/systems are so popular and why some are not? Mostly, the reason is System Evaluation.

There are many types of evaluation methods. With this article, we are…

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